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Vinedos Garcés Silva

A family’s identity, a magic bond with the land

With a long lasting tradition which spans many generations, the Garcés Silva family has developed a deep bond with the land, imprinting a unique quality-seal to each of its different agricultural activities.
This vocation led the family to consider joining the wine industry with the aim of developing a wine that would break the conventions of the time, projecting it into the future as one of Chile’s great wines.

The authentic expression of a terroir with a view

In 1999, the Garcés Silva family planted the first vines in their property in Leyda, thus becoming pioneers in producing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir with an ocean-view. This led the family members to undertake a winemaking revolution to which they added passion, talent, business philosophy and the visions of the different clan-members.
In 2002 they gave birth to the first winery in the Leyda Valley with its Amayna wines and later with Boya.

More than a history, a winemaking revolution of talent
and perseverance

We seek to be recognized as a winery that sets winemaking trends regarding style, personality and orientation to quality, and we have succeeded building a brand with an unforgettable experience for wine lovers. With effort, innovation and dedication we want to fulfill the expectations of consumers and lead them to recognize and differentiate the quality-attributes of our wines and the oenological consistency of our vineyards.
Familia Garcés Silva
Familia Garcés Silva
Fulfilling a dream

We seek to build trustful and long-lasting relations with our staff in order to offer them a work environment that enhances their abilities, improves their quality of life, and allows them a suitable professional development.

To find excellence and contribute to the recognition of the quality and innovation attributes, generating memorable experiences of the utmost quality for our wine lovers.

Give priority to a responsible and sustainable development in each step of the production process, enhancing the attributes of our terroir in an environmental-friendly way, and collaborating with the health protection of those who work there.